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On this page you will find some useful information about areas around flying field.

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Lake Završnica, Recreation

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Dr. France Prešeren, 15 min walk from flying field

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The Gorenjska region\where flying field is;

[wppa type=”photo” photo=”1059″ size=”180″][/wppa]I Feel Slovenia\Infos about Slovenia;[wppa type=”photo” photo=”1061″ size=”180″][/wppa]Discover Slovenia

[wppa type=”photo” photo=”1046″ size=”180″][/wppa]Bled;[wppa type=”photo” photo=”1049″ size=”180″][/wppa]Bled Castle;[wppa type=”photo” photo=”1055″ size=”180″][/wppa]Straža, Bled\5 min walk from hotel

[wppa type=”photo” photo=”1056″ size=”180″][/wppa]Soteska Vintgar;;

[wppa type=”photo” photo=”1047″ size=”180″][/wppa]Bohinj;[wppa type=”photo” photo=”1050″ size=”180″][/wppa]Hotel Jezero, Bohinj;[wppa type=”photo” photo=”1054″ size=”180″][/wppa]Vogel, Bohinj

[wppa type=”photo” photo=”1051″ size=”180″][/wppa]Postojna Cave;[wppa type=”photo” photo=”1052″ size=”180″][/wppa]Lipica;[wppa type=”photo” photo=”1058″ size=”180″][/wppa]Portorož, Piran


Tourist agency

Tourist Agency Kompas Bled
Ljubljanska cesta 4, Bled
phone: +386 4 572 75 01
For all information about Slovenia, please contact Mr. Grega Merlak or Mrs. Maja Štefe, keyword: F3C Moonlight Cup
500 m from hotel

Apothecary & Doctor

Zdravstveni dom Bled
Mladinska cesta 1, 4260 Bled
tel: +386 4 575 40 00
N 46.371340 E 14.109288
200 m from hotel


Restavracija ARBOR
Ljubljanska cesta 4, Bled
N 46.36670 E 14.10931
500 m from hotel

Mexican food
Chilli – Bar & Restavracija
Cesta svobode 9, Bled
The restaurant is managed by the olympic medal winner in rowing Jani Klemenčič.
100 m from hotel


Letališče Jožeta Pučnika Ljubljana
Zgornji Brnik 130a, Brnik
26 km from hotel

Alpski letalski center Lesce
Begunjska cesta 10, Lesce, Slovenija
N 46.36164 E 14.17164
7 km from hotel


Camping Šobec
Šobčeva 25, 4248 Lesce
N 46.35606 E 14.14992
5 km from hotel

Camping Zaka Bled
Kidričeva 10c, 4260 Bled
N 46.36172 E 14.08213
1 km from hotel

Food stores

Alpska cesta 34, Lesce
N 46.35992 E 14.16237
5 km from hotel

Gradnikova cesta 1b, Radovljica
N 46.34738 E 14.17788
7 km from hotel

Mercator, Bled
500 m from hotel

Mercator, Lesce
N 46.35369 E 14.16346
6 km from hotel


Nearest town Kranj
25 km from hotel

Capital city of Slovenia Ljubljana
65 km from hotel

Gas stations

700 m from hotel

Istra Benz, Lesce
N 46.36513 E 14.16050
4,5 km from hotel

Rowing center

Regatni center Bled
N 46.36785 E 14.08481
N 46.36172 E 14.08213
2 km from hotel

Train station

Train station name is Lesce-Bled
N 46.36060 E 14.15821
4 km from hotel

Bus station

50 m from hotel


Merkur, Lesce
N 46.35369 E 14.16346
6 km from hotel

OBI Kranj
Stara cesta 25, Kranj, Slovenia
N 46.24086 E 14.35208
25 km from hotel

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